McCrory On Highway 12 Fix: "We're Going To Have To Do This As A Team"

Governor Pat McCrory arrived in Dare County Monday evening to get a firsthand look at the issues ocean overwash has caused on Highway 12.

Over the past few days, the road has been closed frequently due high water.

A meeting was held in Manteo to discuss a long term fix. McCrory says, "This is not going to be the state government or the federal government or you doing this, we're going to have to do this as a team. And we're going to have to come up with a coordinated strategy that makes sense."

The specific area in question is the Pea Island Inlet breached by Hurricane Irene back in 2011.

D.O.T. officials have discussed several solutions revealed in an environmental assessment. The preferred alternative is a permanent bridge. But some locals, disagree, preferring to stabilize the beaches with beach nourishment, and then stabilizing that nourishment.

They also say with spring and summer tourist season around the corner, they're concerned about the local economy.

There are also safety concerns for those stranded on Hatteras Island when Highway 12 is flooded.

Transportation Secretary Tony Tata says the discussion phase needs to be swift, and effective. "We've got to do some immediate things, and we're going to go and look at how we've marshalled the resources to get those things done, for the good people of the Outer Banks and the tourists that love to come here."