McCrory: Justice Department Lawsuit Political & Without Merit

Governor Pat McCrory, speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. Monday, said the federal lawsuit against voting law changes is baseless.

Responding to a question, McCrory said, "I think Eric Holder's lawsuit is both political and without merit. Our laws have been greatly exaggerated by especially the New York Times and other publications. They're very common sense laws, which we require a government issued I.D. which over 32 other states currently do and I noticed he didn't sue any of those other 32 states. We still have the exact number of early voting hours open, which the national media doesn't talk about, as we did before, we're just trying to take some of the politics out of where you place the early voting, which was extremely political. In fact, New York does not have early voting. North Carolina does. I noticed Eric Holder is not suing the state of New York."

As far as requiring an I.D. to vote, McCrory said, "We require an I.D. to get a tattoo, to get Sudafed, to get food stamps, to get on an airplane, To get almost any government service in North Carolina right now you have to have an I.D. Our legislation is actually offering free I.D.'s and the first election in which you have to have an I.D. in place is the 2016 election. So people have three years to get an I.D."

McCrory went on to call the voting changes common sense reform which protects the integrity of the ballot box.