UPDATE: Bethel Leaders Approve Mayor's Resignation

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Elected leaders met Thursday night to discuss the abrupt resignation of Bethel Mayor Mike Whitehurst.

At the meeting, town officials approved Whitehurst's resignation.

Gloristine Brown, who was the town's the mayor pro-tem, was handed over all mayoral duties in an unanimous vote.

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The mayor a of Pitt County town abruptly resigned this week, while two other town officials submitted resignations as well.

Mike Whitehurst resigned as mayor of Bethel, according to the town manager. Whitehurst's letter said he was resigning immediately when he submitted it on Monday.

Addtionally, the Bethel town clerk, Vicki Hall, and town clerk deputy, Sue Whitehurst, also resigned. However, those resignations do not take effect until March 7. Sue Whitehurst is the wife of Mayor Mike Whitehurst.

Town manager Todd Bullock says other elected leaders are meeting tonight to discuss officially accepting Whitehurst's resignation and putting the mayor pro-tem in charge. The town's website lists Gloristine Brown as the mayor pro-tem.

Mayor Mike Whitehurst Statement

I never longed to be a politician. I seldom met a politician that I respected. In fact, I entered politics completely by accident. I have always believed politicians are in the business of service. The only reason they exist is to lift the load of the people they serve. Honor and integrity should not be words they have to talk about, they should be an integral part of their very existence. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the norm these days in our political arena. I knew I couldn't change all politicians, I was confident, however, that I could be that one fella who walked with honor. And I have been that fella.

For the past four years I have served people that I have loved, the residents of Bethel. Bethel is a wonderful little town, with wonderful people. We've made so much progress over these years. We continue to make major progress. Recently, however, it seems that I have lost my influence, my ability to shape our future.

This may seem so very trite to you. When a politician can no longer make a difference, there is only one honorable course for that man...resignation. He needs to vacate the seat so that a man or woman more worthy than he can take command. I have reached that point in my political career where I am no longer a part of the solution. The people who placed their trust in me, deserve so much more than I have to offer. I didn't come to this conclusion lightly. I love this town. I love these people. I have been so proud to have served them. I'll continue to serve them. I simply won't be their Mayor.