Mayor: New Greenville Slogan Part Of Plan To Take City To The Next Level

A yearlong branding process for one eastern Carolina city has culminated in a new slogan and logo.

Mayor Allen Thomas says that the Greenville city council unanimously approved “Find yourself in good company” as the city’s new identity.

Thomas says that the PR firm North Star Destination Strategies came up with the slogan.

North Star Destination Strategies was featured in USA Today earlier this year and talked about its work with Greenville, according to Thomas.
Thomas says the firm was paid $90,000.

Also revealed is a new logo that will slowly work its way into prominence. Thomas says that different areas of city government were using different logos, and that it was time to work toward one identity.

The logo will not replace the city seal.

Thomas says that the rebranding represents an overall strategy of taking Greenville to the next level of competitiveness.