Matt's World Of Weather: Winter of Extreme Temperatures

What a difference a year makes. From 4 record highs in December to multiple record lows in January, the commonly used phrase "roller coaster ride" certainly pertains to this year's winter. Rather than muddy things up with a lot of discussion, here are the stats for this winter so far. For reference, I've also included some graphics and a comparison to last year in parentheses.

Of note, remember when we talked about the possibility of January being a cold month? This was posted in December Matt's World Of Weather: Colder January Than Last Year?

The previous year is in parentheses

Monthly Stats:
Average High: 53.4° (Last Year 59.2°)
Average Low: 29.2° (38.2°)
Average Temperature: 41.3, 17th Coldest on record
Departure From Normal: -2.9° (+4.5)
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Last January was the 12th warmest on record. Only 11 years were warmer. This year? 46 years were warmer.

Average High: 63.1° (62.4)
Average Low: 40.4° (42.1)
Average Temperature: 51.7, 8th Warmest on record
Departure From Normal: +4.5° (+5.4)
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*December 2012 was the 6th warmest on record*

Winter Season (December through January):
Just looking at the record book, we've easily experienced more extreme temperature changes than in years past. Through January, 7 temperature records have been broken, 4 in December and 3 in January. So far, this winter has been 1.6° warmer than average, but was helped significantly by our warm December.

This Year's Rank: 37th coldest on record with an average temperature of 46.5° (1.6° above average)

Last Year's Rank: Of the 63, only 6 winters were warmer that last year. It had an impressive average temperatures of 50.5° (9.9° above average!).