DEPUTIES: Martin Co. Man Slept In Same Bed As Dead Girlfriend

A Martin County man is accused of concealing his girlfriend's death, and deputies say he even slept in the same bed with the corpse for several days. The woman's mother says she called authorities after realizing her daughter was dead.

Randall Johnson of Williamston is charged with felony concealing a death from law enforcement.

Deputies say on Saturday they responded to a home on Ballard Road for a possible dead body. Once there deputies say it was evident that Carla Baggett had been dead for several days.

Their investigation shows the woman was last seen alive Wednesday evening and that her body had started to decompose in the bedroom. The body was sent to the Medical Examiner's Office in Greenville and while the cause of death is still pending, deputies say there's no evidence of foul play.

Deputies say the victim's mother and sister, along with the dead woman's grandson, also lived in the single-wide trailer.

Phyllis King, the woman's mother, told WITN that Johnson said her daughter had overdosed on Xanax, but was okay.

"I asked him, I said, Randy, is she okay? And he said yes, she's okay, and I said well she's been sleeping a long time," said King. "I went back in there that night, she was still sleeping. I went back in there the next morning--she was still sleeping. I said I'm going to call 911, she's got to wake up, she's been in here too long, and he said no, no, she's okay."

King says on Saturday she went inside the bedroom, and crawled over Johnson. "When I went in there I made my mind up, I'm going to crawl over there, I want my daughter awake. When I felt her she was dead." That's when King called 911.

The 44-year-old Johnson was jailed on a $100,000 secured bond. He has an April 17th court date.