Marine, Wife: Bring Troops Home From Afghanistan

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34,000 troops- that's the number president Barack Obama says will be removed from Afghanistan over the next year.

Tuesday night the president announced his plan during the state of the union address, and it certainly has the marine community in Jacksonville talking. We spoke to people at the Dark Waters Tattoo Shop Tuesday. A former marine and his wife told us what they think about the president's plan. Brandon Seay served 8 years in the marine corps an did a tour in Afghanistan back in 2004. He says he's disgusted with the war and how it's being handled.

"Nothing's happening in a good way. We're losing too many good guys over there doing something that's not having any effect," said Seay.

Seay says if the country is just making more of a mess over in Afghanistan, the right decision is to bring them home. His wife Randi told us she doesn't think the U.S. should've ever gotten involved in the first place.