SILVER STAR: Marine Honored For Combat Bravery

Marines said one of the few and the proud earned his newest combat medal while still a lance corporal as he helped make sure a fallen Marine got home.

Camp Lejeune said Brigadier General James Lukeman awareded Christian Brown the third highest combat honor presented to military members, the Silver Star.

Marines said during a December 2011 deployment to the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, Brown's squad was outnumbered and under fire.

The initial landing zone was deemed unsafe because of the fire fight, and officials said Brown arranged to clear an alternate place for the helicopter to land.

The lance corporal is said to have carried a fallen Marine nearly 300 meters to get the casualty on board the helicopter, all during a fire fight.

The Marine continued fighting and eventually the squad overtook the insurgent force.

Friday morning Brown was awarded the Silver Star for his efforts in a ceremony at Camp Lejeune.