Marine Federal Credit Union To Pay Furloughed Workers

A local credit union is making sure furloughed civilians from military bases will be paid during the government shutdown.

we spoke with the president of the marine federal credit union. he tells us 17 years ago during the last government shutdown, even with a hold in pay for marines, they made sure our service members had the money in their bank accounts.

Craig Chamberlin is the President of Marine Federal Credit Union and says, "We're going to post payrolls like we would normally get them. If we don't receive anything because of the government shutdown, then we'll post last time's payroll and we'll adjust when the government pays us eventually. We don't want our Marines and Sailors and civil service employees going without a paycheck, not if we have anything to do about it."

While President Obama says our Marines and Sailors will be paid, 800 local civil employees at Camp Lejeune were furloughed.