Manteo Woman Walking To Raleigh To Protest Gassing Of Animals

A Manteo woman is walking to Raleigh to protest animal shelters that use gas chambers to euthanize animals.

Cyndey Midgett was in Robersonville, Martin County Tuesday night. She left Manteo on Monday.

She says she's been an animal lover her entire life, but everything changed when she watched a video of dogs being euthanized in a gas chamber. Now she says she's not stopping until the method is illegal for every county in the state.

After watching the documentary, she says, "I cried. I have nightmares. I get sick to my stomach. I mean literally sick to my stomach and I couldn't believe that our nation was allowing this to happen."

But it's not illegal in our state. The decision is made on a county by county basis.

Here in Eastern Carolina, according to the website "Fix NC", Beaufort County and Martin County still use gas chambers. Pamlico and Craven counties just stopped within the last three years.

In all, the website says there are still 12 counties that use gas to euthanize animals.

Midgett says, "I'm gonna try to bring awareness by walking, and maybe draw a lot more people in and get this a national law."

She's holding a rally next Monday at the Capital Center at Halifax Mall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.