Man Says Home Intruder Shot Him, Stole $60

An Elizabeth City man told our affiliate, WAVY, that he was shot three times by someone he may know in his own home.

Angelo Massiello told WAVY that just after midnight on April 22nd, he was asleep on the couch at a home in the 300 block of Rhonda Road when he was awakened by a man who put a gloved hand over Massiello's mouth.

The victim said when he felt something wrong with his stomach, he saw a wound. After another look, the victim said he'd been shot twice: one of bullets went in and out and the other is still in his body.

Massiello told WAVY his front door was still unlocked after his father took the dog out.

The intruder stole $60 from Massiello's wallet.

Though he wasn't able to see his face, Massiello told WAVY he believes he knows the suspect, but he could not reveal any other information.

This case is under investigation by the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office.

If you have information that may lead deputies to the gunman, call the Crime Line at (252)-335-5555.