Man Remembers Playing With Washington High Band For JFK Inauguration

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a Beaufort County Man remembers happier times with America's 35th president. In 1961 Bill Dawson marched into history for the president's swearing in with the Washington High School Band during the inaugural parade. He carried the school's banner down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. Dawson remembers Kennedy's assassination nearly 3 years later.

"We had band 5th period in high school, and we were actually in the band room practicing and someone brought word to Mr. Larkin and he stopped us, and he told us what happened, and we were all devastated because we felt really close to the president because we had been a part of his big day. We were all very sad and people started crying and things," said Dawson.

Dawson says since the Washington High School band had played in the inaugural parade, WITN invited the band to play funeral music during the broadcast at the old Chocowinity studio the days after Kennedy's assassination..