HABITUAL DWI: Man Has Fourth DWI Conviction In Seven Months

A Harnett County man is now a habitual drunk driver, after his fourth DWI conviction seven months.

James Kitchen of Dunn pleaded guilty in Carteret County to habitual driving while impaired.

Kitchen was stopped by Newport police on March 20th and registered a .14 blood alcohol level, almost twice the legal limit.

District Attorney Scott Thomas says the man was indicted for habitual DWI because he had at least three prior DWI convictions in rapid succession. His priors include a DWI conviction in Wayne County on December 10th, one in Onslow County on December 20th and another in Carteret County on January 8h.

A judge sentenced the 37-year-old Kitchen to serve a minimum 2-1/2 years in prison.

State records shows the man has three other DWI convictions, all in 2000, a prison escape conviction in 1998 from Greene County and a habitual felon conviction in 2004.

Kitchen has a rap sheet that dates back to 1994 and last got out of prison in December 2010.