Man Admits To Killing Elderly Grandparents

A man avoided the death penalty by admitting he killed his grandparents more than three years ago.

Christopher Wright was 28 years old when he was charged in Pasqoutank County for the deaths of 83-year-old Robert Alexander and 86-year-old Carolyn Alexander. Their bodies were found in a ditch along Wades Point Road in December 2010.

In court Monday, Wright pleaded guilty to first degree murder for the death of his grandmother, and second degree murder for the death of his grandfather.

Wright was given life without parole for the grandmother's death and at least 17 years for the grandfather.

The district attorney says the plea came after they consulted with the family and law enforcement.

"The D.A.s office was pleased with the outcome of this case and the fact that Mr. Wright will spend the rest of his natural life in prison," said D.A. Andrew Womble.