Make-A-Wish To Send Greenville Family To L.A. To Meet Chris Paul

A 10-year old boy's wish is about to come true.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is sending Greenville's own De'ahntay "Bubba" Barnes to Los Angeles at the end of the week. Bubba will meet his favorite basketball player, Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers.

The Barnes family has had a long stretch of misfortune. First, with the discovery of a tumor on Bubba's kidney. Then, the diagnosis of Leukemia for his two brothers later last year.

Last April, a Wilms tumor was found on Bubba's kidney at a doctor's visit. As he went through treatment, the Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in.

On Monday, a police escort brought him and his family to a send-off party at McDonald's in Greenville.

Father Travian Barnes said, "We didn't know nothing about fire trucks or police and limousines. I didn't know nothing about that, but he's very excited about it. Like I said it's his day, so whatever makes him happy, I'm happy."

The plan is for the family to fly to L.A. Thursday, meet Paul at a practice that evening, and then go to the game on Friday night.

Bubba gave his predictions for how the Clippers will do when he's at the game.

Bubba said, "Blake Griffin's gonna have 12 dunks and Chris Paul's gonna have 28 points."

While his two brothers are still undergoing treatment for their Leukemia, Bubba is done with chemo and radiation. He still has to go back once a month for X-rays and other scans, but the tumor is gone and he's back to playing basketball full-time.