Low Temperatures Pose Risk to Homes, Cars

Deep freeze conditions can cause personal discomfort, but low temperatures are also a risk to homes and vehicles.

Certain precautions can help to prevent vehicle damage, including a check of antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Experts at Aamco say all water should be removed from wiper fluid, unless it's temperature treated.

Experts suggest checking hoses and belts for frays, as well as tire pressure, a car's battery, and oil weight.

On the home front, there's a potential for pipes to freeze and crack. Keith Corder with Delcor, Inc. says insulating pipes will help.

Corder adds, "Make sure you put a little trickle of warm water coming out of those sinks, especially on the perimeters of your house, turn that water on just a trickle. You keep that warm water running through the system and that'll help keep your pipes from freezing also."

And speaking of the thermostat, Corder says to pick a comfortable setting and leave it alone.