Long Days For D.O.T. Workers

Department of Transportation workers across the east have been in a war with winter weather for weeks. And that means a lot of long days.

In Pitt County, we rode along with Bobby Armfield Junior Wednesday night as he was into his 12th hour.

Armfield said, "For the new guys or even for the veterans, fatigue can be very important. But like I said, we just constantly tell them if you get tired let us know so we can switch drivers."

Armfield is a pro with 7 years under his belt and said he'd probably end up with a 20-hour shift Wednesday.

But even 20-hour days don't alter his motivation, knowing how vital his job is to so many. He says, "We all got families, wives, kids, grandmothers. They're out here on the roads. So we're doing it for the traveling public, but we know our families have to come out on the roads too."