NEW INFO: SUV Driver Cited In Log Truck Accident

The driver of an SUV will be charged after troopers say he pulled out in front of on oncoming log truck this morning.

Troopers say around 11:00 a.m. the unloaded log truck tried to swerve around the SUV, and then landed in someone's front yard.

It happened at the intersection of Hill Neck Road and Guinea Mill Road in Craven County.

Investigators said the SUV driver, Charles Eatman of Ernul, will be cited for a safe movement violation. The truck swerved in attempt to miss the SUV, but clipped the vehicle's bumper before rolling into a nearby yard.

The log truck's fuel pump was damaged in the crash, and crews worked to clean up the leaking fuel in the yard.

No one was transported to the hospital because of the crash.