Some Educators Doubt Latest Version Of State Budget

North Carolina House and Senate Republicans unveiled a plan for the state budget, which includes pay increases for teachers and retention of teacher assistants. While it sounds good, some teachers say it just doesn't add up.

Under the budget proposal, teachers in their first four years would see their pay increase from $30,800 to $33,000. In their fifth to eleventh years of employment, teachers would get double-digit percentage raises. Teacher pay would level off at $50,000 after 25 years of experience.

Local educators we spoke to on Wednesday say this back and forth on pay raises is frustrating.

"As an educator I feel unappreciated, due to the fact it does take a lot that goes into this profession," says Shawn Hardy, a Pitt County elementary school teacher. "Sometimes as teachers we're taken for granted, if you will, by people who really haven't seen what we're about."

The North Carolina Association of Educators has a top 10 list of why the budget is a bad idea. They say it's built on an ill-conceived tax cut plan for the wealthy and for-profit corporations. They also believe the budget's 7% pay increase for teachers could really take away the longevity pay for educators who have worked more than 10 years.