Local Sweepstakes Cafes Put On Notice

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The popular internet sweepstakes cafes that popped up across Eastern Carolina in the past few years have been shut down for one week now. On January 3, law enforcement agencies were given the green light to enforce the state aw that bans the machines played inside the popular parlors.

On Thursday, the Greenville Police Department and the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office issued this joint statement about how they'll enforce the state law against internet sweepstakes cafes:
"On January 3, 2013, NCGS §§14-306.1A - 14-309, concerning the operation of internet sweepstakes became enforceable based on the NC Supreme Court decisions issued December 14, 2012.
All businesses that operated internet sweepstakes before the effective date are now in violation of the statutes and subject to enforcement action if the business continues to operate in violation of the law.
If any of these businesses reopen or resume operations under any changed or altered methods of operation, law enforcement will investigate and if found in violation of the statute, enforcement action will be taken."