Local Shoppers & Store Owners Weigh In On Christmas Sales

With the hectic Christmas shopping season at an end, several nationwide studies say retailers had a disappointing year.

According to the Associated Press, studies done by Shoppertrak and the Mastercard advisors Spendingpulse, say shoppers spent cautiously this holiday season, leaving store owners looking for ways to make up for lost revenue.

We spoke with stores at the Greenville Mall, who say they ended up with successful sales, but faced some challenges early on.

Store owner Julian Perkins says, "It seemed a little slow, a little hesitant, a little apprehensive in the earlier part of December. Talking to other vendors who have done this for years, they say this was definitely different from years past."

Perkins says the closer it got to Christmas, the better his sales numbers were.

Most shoppers we spoke with at the mall said contrary to the studies, they did not spend less than usual this year.