Pollocksville Minister Finished 2nd On JEOPARDY!, Still Feels Like Winner

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The wait is finally over for a Jones County minister after his appearance on Jeopardy! aired Monday night on WITN.

Reverend Collin Adams of Pollocksville Presbyterian Church was on a recorded episode for the game show back in August. Since then he's had to keep quiet about how he did which has been difficult with his congregation.

The church threw a watch party Monday night to watch their minister put his knowledge to the test. Unfortunately, Adams finished second and didn't advance, but he says the support from the Pollocksville community has been what made the moment special.

"They've all been so excited. I think if I were to wind up in the negative, they'd still be proud and real happy that I was here, and it's just been such a great thing to bring the community together," said Rev. Adams.

Adams had the lead going into final jeopardy. The answer to the question was, "What is Breakfast At Tiffany's?". Sadly for Adams, he's never seen the movie. His wife has since bought him the DVD.
A local minister's episode of JEOPARDY! is set to air on WITN Monday night.

Reverend Collin Adams has ministered at Pollocksville Presbyterian Church for the last year and a half.

Tonight, his congregation is hosting a watch party to see how their reverend ranked on one of the nation's favorite game shows.

Adams initially auditioned for the show on a whim earlier this year.

Passing a few rounds of auditions, Reverend Adams got a shot at the big board and taped his episode on August 21st.

The show will air tonight on WITN at 7:30 p.m.


Reverend Collin Adams of Pollocksville is showing his scholarly side later this month on an episode of the trivia game show JEOPARDY!

A reverend at Pollocksville Presbyterian Church for a year and a half, the Georgia native said he saw a friend post a status on facebook about taking an online JEOPARDY! test and decided to do the same just for fun.

Reverend Adams said he plopped down on the couch for a test around 11 p.m. one night and got an email two months later inviting him to auditions.

"My wife has some family in Nashville, so I went to that round of auditions," said Adams.

After a written test, a camera test, and a few months, Adams got the call while he was mowing grass.

"My wife had just left, so I took off running down Highway 17 to go tell her first then start telling other people," said Adams.

The episode taped in California on August 21st.

"It was definitely a lot of fun, it is much more nerve-wracking than it appears on television," said Reverend Adams. "They do an excellent job making sure everyone has a great time no matter how well you do."

Adams' episode is set to air September 23rd at 7:30 p.m. on WITN.

The Reverend said his congregation is trying to plan a viewing party in Pollocksville.

While the Reverend was asked to take a proverbial vow of silence when it comes to the game results, his congregation is still backing him all the way.

"They've been really supportive," said the reverend of his congregation. "Really great."