Local NC Elections Boards Actions Could Discourage Young Voters

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Within hours of Gov. Pat McCrory signing a Republican-backed bill making sweeping changes to the state's voting laws, local elections boards in two college towns made moves that could make it harder for students to vote.

The Watauga County Board of Elections voted Monday to eliminate an early voting site and election-day polling place on the campus of Appalachian State University.

The Pasquotank County Board of Elections on Tuesday barred an Elizabeth City State University student from running for city council, ruling his on-campus address didn't establish local residency. The decision could set a precedent for Republicans to challenge more students' voter registrations.

Voting rights advocates worry the decisions could portent a statewide effort by GOP-controlled elections boards to discourage turnout among young voters considered more likely to support Democrats.