Local Head Start Worries About Impact From Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown is into day two, and depending on how long it lasts, it could affect services that help our smallest citizens.

Federally funded programs like Head Start are in a wait and see game.

Right now they say everything is going well here in Eastern Carolina, although children in eleven other states have been shut out of Head start programs due to the shutdown.

Social services departments across the east depend on federal funding for programs, like subsidized child care.

George Perry, Pitt County's DSS Director, says while it's business as usually, if the shutdown continues, they may be concerned about funding, too.

Perry says, "We're not prepared for a shutdown because the services we provide, the citizens will still come in to apply for those services, unless we close down those departments."

The state Department of Health and Human Services announced they would furlough 337 employees that are partially funded by federal dollars. County social services departments say that could further delays benefits they provide.