Local Families Worried About Food Stamp Cuts

Families that depend on food stamps say changes to the food assistance program will take food off their tables when their monthly benefit decreases starting this Friday.

Anissa Purvis works but depends on assistance from social services to help feed her two kids.

Purvis says, "It would be hard to feed my kids a lot of times, but help with family support and stuff like that, I'm sure I would have made it, but it wouldn't have been like having the assistance though."

Starting Friday, Purvis and millions of others across the country will see a decrease.

Pitt County Department of Social Services worker Bryan Averette says,"Stimulus money was put into place to help people during the downturn in the economy, so the allotment was increases over the period of 3 or 4 years. Now we're going back to what the regular calculations would be for benefits."

So someone with no income could lose just $11.00 per month, from $200.00 to $189.00

A family of four will lose about $36.00 a month from their allotment.

Purvis says, "You don't think about it, but as time goes by, $36.00 starts to add up so in the long run, every penny counts. It may not be a big loss but it's still a loss in somewhere."

Social services advises recipients to call the toll free number of the back of the EBT or food stamp card in order to know what their new allotment amount is before they go shopping on Friday.

They've also partnered with the local food bank to make sure they're prepared for more people who could need more food than their money can buy.