Greenville City Council Reinstates Three-Unrelated Rule In University Area

ECU students protested at the Greenville City Council meeting over a decision to reduce from four to three, the number of people who can live together near the university.

The rule, which allowed four unrelated people to live in the same house, was expected to be overturned to just three Thursday night. It has come under fire since the city council approved it back in October 2012.

"This is a college town and we're in college and we need roommates," said Kristen Leigh Haskins, a student who came out to protest. "There's already not enough space for people to live, so if we kick these other people out it just doesn't make sense."

Other students like Bryan McNinch were also hoping to convince Greenville's City Council to keep the four-unrelated rule, which allows four people who aren't related to live in the same house.

"I am a college student on a budget, so having that money is very beneficial," said McNinch.

Despite the protest, the city council voted 4 to 2 in favor of removing the four-unrelated rule on Thursday. Any home in the grid that already has four, unrelated roommates can stay that way, but no additional homes will be allowed to house more than three.
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A group of local college students are taking to the streets Thursday night to protest the potential overturning of a controversial housing rule.

The Greenville City Council is scheduled to vote Thursday night whether to overturn the 4-unrelated rule in the East Carolina University neighborhood and bring the capacity back to 3.

A number of East Carolina University students plan to meet at 6 p.m. Thursday to walk from East 3rd Street and Jarvis all the way to City Hall for Thursday's council meeting.

The students plan to speak in favor of keeping the 4-unrelated rule in place.