Local Charity That Helps Terminally Sick Children Given New Truck

A local charity based in Beaufort County that grants the wishes of terminally ill children now has a new truck and gear to help in its effort.

Angels N Camo was presented a new Toyota Tundra Tuesday by Pecheles Toyota.

The donation is part of the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program, in which the automaker is giving away 100 cars to 100 non-profit groups over the course of 50 days.

Pecheles Toyota also loaded the truck with hunting and fishing gear to help support the charity’s mission in helping children explore wildlife adventures.

“Angels N Camo plays such a unique role in our community,” says Brian Pecheles, President of Pecheles Toyota. “We are delighted they are one of the 100 nationwide recipients of Toyota’s initiative, and we hope the Tundra will help further the organization’s goal of making children’s dreams come to life.”

The charity was chosen through an online contest.

"We are so blessed and humbled by the support we received from our Facebook friends who voted for us on October 11,” said Lisa Adams, Angels N Camo founder. “We know we had angels looking out for us on voting day, which happens to be the birthday of the late Mr. Henry Ball, our longtime family friend who the organization is in memory of. Now we can pick up children whose parents often do not have reliable transportation, which can hinder their ability to participate. We really appreciate the wonderful opportunity and gift Toyota has given us.”

According to a press release, “Angels N Camo will use the new Tundra to transport children and parents from their homes to the activity site as well as load necessary equipment needed for the hunting and fishing voyages. The vehicle will also be used to take staff to speaking engagements and events that help raise awareness about the nonprofit.”

To learn more about Angels N Camo or support its mission, click on the related link under the photo.