Local Air Travelers React To Malaysian Crash

Local air travelers are reacting to the news of the crash of the Malaysian Airliner in Ukraine that's believed to have killed all 298 people aboard.

We talked with people flying into and out of the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern and Albert J. Ellis Airport in Onslow County.

Some passengers said they are horrified about what happened to that flight, and so sad for the people aboard, but that doesn't make them afraid of flying here in the U.S..

Robert Morgan brought his daughter to the airport in New Bern for the 4:00 p.m. flight and says he's concerned about the lack of information about what happened over Ukraine.

Morgan says, "We'll, I think it's a tragedy. I also think that the government knows more than what they're telling us now. I know we'll sooner or later get all of the information, but I think they can let us know something a little sooner."

Morgan says he was shocked by the Malaysian crash, but adds that he can believe the plane was shot down with the all the unrest in that part of the world and says he's just grateful to live on sovereign ground.

At Albert J .Ellis Airport, Tommy and Diane Kissner were boarding a flight to Tennessee.

They heard about the crash, but said they had no concerns about flying.

Tommy Kissner says, "It's in an area that's very volatile right now so I'm not really surprised. I did hear on the news earlier today that the pilot has discretion on whether to fly into a certain area or not and I would think that a pilot flying into that area would have known or well aware of the ground issues going on there with civil war and he could have avoided it i feel like."

One Marine we talked with said it doesn't phase him or concern him about flying overseas.

Currently there is a travel warning in effect for Ukraine put out by the State Department.

If you are flying internationally you can check for such warnings at travel.state .gov.