NEW INFO: Lenoir County Inmate Charged With Marshal Murder Attempts Escape

A teenager held in jail in connection with the murder of a US Marshal tried to make a break for it this week.

According to Major Chris Hill, 18-year-old Kevin Slade was put in a different cell as crews were fixing a plumbing issue at the Lenoir County jail. Hill says a small viewing window had no glass in it and Slade squeezed through that opening, but was quickly apprehended.

“While the security breach should have never happened, a lack of understanding about how the visitation areas were designed, led to this attempted escape,” said Hill. “Our surveillance systems coupled with our observant staff quickly stopped this inmate from escaping.”

Slade has since been moved to a state prison because of prior disciplinary issues. Hill says while they were searching Slade for transport, officers found a small metal "shank" that could have been used as a weapon.