Lenoir County Commissioners Pass Resolutions To Protect Gun Rights

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Lenoir County commissioners are sticking to their guns when it comes to the right to bear arms following suit with other ENC counties by passing gun rights resolutions like Beaufort and Pitt counties have already done recently.

Lenoir County commissioners voted unanimously Monday night to pass two different gun resolutions. The first, is to preserve constitutional second amendment rights. The second, was to protect the privacy and security of law abiding gun owners in the Lenoir County by making gun ownership permit information private. It's public information now. Some say it makes legal gun owners targets for thieves.

Clyde Sutton was one of many in the crowd to support the decision. "I'm a hunter. There's a lot of hunters in eastern North Carolina. Also, you need that protection, for your family. You need to be able to keep those arms handy, at all times," said Sutton.

We couldn't find anyone at the meeting opposed to the resolutions.