Lenoir Co. Middle Schools Teaching New Sex Ed Course With Options Beyond Abstinence

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Sex education is changing for for 8th graders in North Carolina after studies show 8th grade is the best time to start talking to kids about sex. Lenoir County is the first school district in the state to start the new program called "Making Proud Choices" introduced by the Department of Health and Human Services last year. We spoke to teachers and students Tuesday at Frink Middle School.

Back in December, health teachers at Frink Middle School stopped teaching students abstinence, and started teaching Making Proud Choices, which gives students options other than just not engaging in sexual behavior. They are taught how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. Lenoir County Schools officials say they were awarded a grant which funded the program after studies showed Lenoir County ranked 28th in the state for teen pregnancies.

"We just want to let kids know that they do have an option. They have a choice. To give kids the confidence to either say no they don't want to do this, or if they do choose to have sexual relationships, they can have the confidence to be safe when they do it so that we don't have unintended pregnancies or STDs."
said health teacher Trenton Lovekamp

The program lasts eight days. Frink Middle School taught it in December and will offer the course again in April.