Lender Hosts Tillis Event In Greenville Days After Bill Passes

The man who helped direct a nearly $2 million political and lobbying effort by consumer finance lenders is co-hosting a fundraiser for North Carolina House speaker Thom Tillis' fledgling U.S. Senate campaign.

The move comes less than a week after a bill increasing profits for the industry became law.

Tillis is to be in Greenville on Tuesday for a luncheon co-hosted by Time Investment Corp. president Royce Everette, who owns 19 consumer finance offices across the state.

Everette is among those who pushed a bill signed into law June 19 that raises the maximum interest rates on consumer finance loans marketed to low-income borrowers.

Tillis spokesman Paul Shumaker says he sees no problem with the Speaker raising money for his Senate campaign from donors with business pending before the Legislature.

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