Lawmakers Evaluate State-Funded Mentoring Program

A group of state lawmakers stopped by a Pitt County school on Wednesday. The legislators spoke with teachers and school administrators about a state-funded mentoring program and whether it's paying off.

The New Teacher Support Program was created by ECU's College of Education. It's designed to help beginning teachers by providing them with a coach who guides them through their first few years as an educator.

Several teachers at Wellcome Middle School said the program is a huge help.

Tonitia Langley said, "It has actually been very beneficial to me in my teaching craft by allowing me to have some instructional autonomy, but also giving me 21st century tools and resources to use to help our students become critical thinkers."

Many eligible teachers don't have a traditional teaching background, but have entered the field with a degree such as science or math.

The program's been implemented at schools in 23 counties across North Carolina.