Last Minute Shoppers Have Just 5 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas

Only five shopping days remain until Christmas, and plenty of people in the east are piling into stores to do some last minute shopping.

Wednesday night in Jacksonville at Walmart and at the mall, last minute shoppers were trying to cross off of their list of gifts to buy. For those who got their shopping done early, they probably didn't have to face the big crowds in stores you'll see the next few days. Others say it's taking a while to get shopping done with long lines and crowds.

"Crowded stores and everything especially in a place like Jacksonville because I know everybody, here a lot of people are marines so they're probably procrastinating just as bad as I am or more," said Zachary Cremeans

We also talked with a store owner at the mall who says this is by far the busiest time of the year. He says more than half of his customers do their Christmas shopping with less than a week to go.