L.E.D Christmas Lights Versus Incandescent Lights

The debate seems to be growing when it comes to choosing traditional incandescent bulbs or the new L.E.D. ones when decorating for Christmas.

The old-style lights cost about three-times less, but Bruce Joyner with Lowe's in Winterville says choosing L.E.D. could be a cheaper alternative in the long term. Joyner says, "Typically the L.E.D.'s burn about 15% of the power that an incandescent bulb would. So you're going to see some savings over the long haul."

Along with being energy-efficient, the L.E.D. bulbs burn at a cooler temperature.

Customers we talked with had mixed feelings about the newer lights. Mike Johnson told us he likes the older ones. He says, "The cheaper ones. I mean I don't really see any benefit in spending three times the money on the new L.E.D.'s.

Cleve Haddock says he hasn't made a decision to replace what he has with anything new that's out there today, but says if he was buying new lights, "My plan will probably be to go out and buy L.E.D.'s. They'll be brighter and they'll be more efficient."

Joyner says if they're on your Christmas tree and you forget to turn them off, there's a lower risk of the tree catching fire than with the old-style incandescent bulbs.