Kittens Rescued From Freezer

(WFLA) A St. Petersburg, Florida man was charged with animal cruelty Sunday after a visitor to his home found four 6-week-old kittens in a freezer.

Eve Mulder, 38, was visiting Rodney J. Blanchard, 38, when he asked her to get a beer from a freezer at his house, deputies said.

"All of a sudden I hear meowing and I was not expecting kittens in there," Mulder said. "It really freaked me out."

According to deputies, when she did not find any beer, Blanchard told Mulder that there were kittens inside the freezer.

When Mulder attempted to remove the kittens - which were in individual sandwich bags on the bottom shelf - Blanchard pushed her and told her to leave, deputies said.

Mulder then contacted deputies, who responded to the house and heard the kittens' meows as they approached the freezer.