Kinston dog owner concerned about objects in dog food

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A Kinston dog owner says her puppy got sick after she purchased Pedigree dog food, saying the kibble contained unknown wires.

Joanna Autry says her five-month-old terrier mix Willow wasn't feeling well recently. She says, "I noticed about a week ago that she was throwing up a little bit."

Autry says after a trip to the vet the next day, they didn't find anything wrong with the puppy. But her sickness didn't stop.

Autry says, "She started throwing up a little bit more, she was eating a little bit less."

So Autry says she decided to check Willow's food, chicken meal made by Pedigree, and what she found scared her.

Autry says she found a shiny fiber of some sort, almost like fishing wire, in the food.

Several consumers have posted similar experiences on Pedigree's Facebook page in recent days, showing the same fiber.

Just last August there was a recall due to metal fragments in the food, but Pedigree says that's not the case this time.

Lisa Campbell from Pedigree says, "We've tested a number of product samples that have been returned back to us, and we've been able to confirm that these are natural fibers."

Pedigree says natural fibers - like the ones in Autry's kibble - could be corn husks or even pig hair. But they say the food is edible.

Campbell says, "There are no issues with our food. We can assure you that our product is absolutely safe for your pet to enjoy."

Autry however says she isn't feeding Willow the food any longer, and says when she took her off of the Pedigree diet, she seemed to start feeling better.

Pedigree says if you have any concerns about your pet's food to give them a call.

Autry says Pedigree offered her a refund of her money, but she refused.