POLICE: Shots Fired Near Kinston Nightclub

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Police said an early Monday morning call to help usher a crowd home from a nightclub now has turned into a shooting investigation

Kinston police officials told WITN they got a call from J's nightclub on West Blount street to help clear out patrons around 2:45 Monday morning.

Once officers arrived, they said they heard nearby gunshots

Investigators said they found four bullet casings in a parking lot used by club patrons. There were no injuries reported, and no damage found.

Club owner James Jones said he initially called for officers because he heard a fight had broken out in the street between two women who had left the club.

While Jones said that fight broke up just before police arrived, he said two men were in a car at the back of the nearby parking lot when one of them fired his gun up in the air.

Jones said he does not know if the men had been in his club earlier in the night, but said having a shooting nearby is disappointing.

"Nothing like this happens at J's," said Jones. "We are safe here."

Kinston Police said overnight they have had no issues in recent memory attributed to the club.

No word yet in any suspects in this case.


Kinston Police said they heard shots fired near a local nightclub, and found the evidence left behind.

Officers told WITN they got a call from J's, a nightclub on West Blount Street, to help clear out the establishment early Monday morning.

Once on scene, officers reported hearing gunshots around 2:45 a.m.

Investigators said while they did find bullet casings in the parking lot of the nightclub, they have not received any reports of injuries.

Investigators told WITN the Kinston Department of Public Safety has not had any recent issues associated with the nightclub.