Kinston Missing A Few Good Grates

Someone is stealing storm drain covers in Kinston...again.

So far this week the city says 35 storm sewer grates have been stolen throughout Kinston. The grates weigh about a hundred pounds and cost $100 to replace.

Water resources manager Brian Lucas says the same thing happened eight or nine months ago when 60 grates were stolen. He says police made an arrest in that case, but so far no one has been charged in the latest thefts.

For now, the city has placed orange cones around the exposed storm drains. New grates should be in late today or early Monday, according to Lucas.

Less than a month ago, a Greenville woman was injured when she fell in an uncovered drain while walking down a Greenville street at night. That grate had been stolen as well.

Lucas says while replacements cost them $100, thieves only get about $10 per grate at the scrap yard. He says they've looked at all the local scrap metal dealers and so far none of theirs have show up.

The city is considering buying locks for the grates, but those cost about $100 per grate as well.