Kinston Billboards Part Of Movement Against Violence

A community group in Kinston is starting a movement against violence and it comes as another shooting plagues the city.

The most recent shooting happened at the Jack Roundtree public housing complex Monday night injuring a young man.

Ryan Mosely was injured in that shooting shielding a girl, protecting her from gunfire as bullets flew through an apartment without warning.

Police say it's the 28th gun violence case in Kinston this year.

Fed up with the violence-- a new movement by Groundbreaking Ministries is trying to offer criminals an alternative.

The church and its members have sponsored four billboards across the city, one of them focusing on violence.

Kalyn Wimbish is with Groundbreaking Ministries and says, "We wanted to make a difference and make an impact that there is a way out and that change is coming to Kinston."

The church group says it strategically placed one billboard on North Queen Street across from the Big Kmart because it's a busy area, and they want their city to be known for more than just crime.

Wimbish, who is just 20-years-old, has been affected by the violence. She says, "I know three people from my high school who were actually shot and who passed away so it really impacted me."

Police say they're still searching for answers in Monday shooting.

Meanwhile, residents like Wimbish are ready for change. She says, "I want them to know there is a God who can change things and he is alive in Kinston."

Groundbreaking Ministries is holding a rally at 4:00 p.m. on August 9th at Southeast Elementary School in Kinston

You can click on the related link for more information about the their efforts.