K-9 Officers Train In Beaufort County

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With the tragedies in Boston and Texas this week, we've seen a lot of law enforcement response including K-9 officers. Thursday through Sunday more than 20 K-9 teams from all over the east coast are training in Beaufort County for just those kind of situations.

The North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team hosted a training and evaluation exercise that goes through Sunday. It's for cadaver dogs and is taking place at locations throughout the county.

Instructors say different scenarios are staged such as accident in a factory, railroad collisions or derailments, or a mock plane crash. The teams also participate in a wilderness and water search. The dogs are trained to search for missing people.

"The main reason why we do it and I do the work I do is closure for the families. A lot of cases I work on and older homicide cases or missing person cases. My main function or the main goal I look at is to get closure to the families. That way they can bring their loved ones home and give them the proper respects they need," said
Cpl. Chris Wood with the Brevard County, Florida Sheriff's Department.