Judge Rules On Statements In Shaniya Davis Murder Case

A Superior Court judge says jurors can be told that attorneys for a man who's charged with killing a 5-year-old Fayetteville girl told police where to find to her body.
But Judge Jim Ammons ruled Monday they can't say the information came directly from Mario McNeill. The 32-year-old McNeill is charged with raping and killing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis in November 2009.
Shaniya's body was found in a kudzu patch near the Lee-Harnett county line. She was found six days after her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, reported her missing.
Investigators say Davis sold her daughter to McNeill to pay off a drug debt. She'll be tried after McNeill's trial ends.
Last week, Ammons ruled that McNeill is competent to stand trial.

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