Jones County Girl Gets Make-A-Wish Playhouse

Three-year-old Alexis West of Jones County can't play outside, but thanks to wonderful volunteers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation she has the next best thing: a brand new pink playhouse.

Alexis has leukemia. The chemotherapy and the medicine she takes makes it hard for her to play outside in the sun. With this new playhouse she can play all she wants indoors. Alexis watched excitedly as the playhouse rolled into her Trenton driveway.

"She is so excited. We are so excited! It is just amazing what they've done. Incredible." said Alexis' grandmother Sheila Drinkwater.

"I'm going to put all my toys in there!" said Alexis.

Balfour Beatty Construction out of Raleigh donated the equipment, and built the house for the little girl.