January Rush For Gym Memberships Is On

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Trainers at Champions gym in Winterville say in the last few days they have seen several new faces which they say is common in January.

"They're actually starting early this year. I've already felt like traffic has picked up. Clients have been asking to get in. I'm expecting through the end of January the biggest rush of traffic, but there will be some that continue on through spring." said trainer Amber Stokes

"Men's Health" magazine suggests signing up for a pay-as-you-go plan if you're planning to join a new gym saying you can save you hundreds of dollars over a monthly contract. That's because most contracts include an automatic renewal clause so you'll be charged even if you don't go. You can also ask the manager to negotiate terms, or waive the enrollment fee to save a few bucks.
You also might score a better deal in February or March after the rush for new memberships dies down.