Jacksonville's Freedom Fountain Debuts New Features

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The final pieces of a memorial to honor our service members are now on display.

Five-medallions were presented at the Jacksonville Freedom Fountain during a ceremony Thursday morning.

The 175 pound medallions represent each of the five branches of the military.

They will be dIsplayed in the five arches on the back wall of the fountain.

The $800,000 Freedom Fountain was dedicated last November.

The city says they have received 70 percent of the funds for the fountain from donations and are still looking for more and sponsorships.

Originally there were supposed to be 5 bronze statues instead of the medallions, but the city says costs and complications had them choose the medallions instead.


One city in the east is putting the final pieces in place for a memorial to honor our service members.

Around 9:30 Thursday morning, the Freedom Fountain in Jacksonville will be officially finished.

Originally, there were supposed to be five statues representing different branches of service, but the city says cost and complication meant it ultimately opted for medallions to represent the five branches.

Each medallion weighs 175 pounds and will be mounted along the back wall of the monument.

There is a center jet dedicated to freedom, three fountainheads to represent federal, state & local government, plus 50 bubblers at the rim of the pool representing the 50 states.

The memorial is at the intersection of Johnson Boulevard and New Bridge Street.

The City of Jacksonville said the fountain was mostly constructed using private funding.