Jacksonville Salvation Army Pleased With Donations So Far This Christmas Season

As many worry about the economy, the fiscal cliff and making ends meet, charities in Eastern Carolina are wondering if they'll get the help they need this holiday season.

We stopped by the Salvation Army in Jacksonville Wednesday to see how collections are going there.

Jennifer Hutto and her daughter were among those we ran into who were dropping off clothes and toys to the thrift store. Hutto said, "The past couple months, even though the economy is not as strong as it was and with so many natural disasters you really see a group coming together, and it really displays our hearts in the best way."

Ralph Hampton dropped off books and a crib. He says, "Americans always donate. It's just the nature of us to give."

Joshua Rahn, who works for the Salvation Army, says folks like Hampton and Hutto are coming out in droves this year. Rahn says, "A couple people have said this is really the year to give and help the community."