Jacksonville Police Holiday Task Force Hits The Stores

For 13 years Jacksonville police have worked their days off during the holidays to keep crime down and make sure shoppers stay safe. And that's the plan again this year.

Police officers like Lt. Mike Capps are among those who make up the task force. Lt. Capps says, "We're out here in uniform, and we also have officers that are in plain clothes, so just because you don't see a uniform doesn't mean we're not here."

Through New Years Eve, Capps and dozens of police officers volunteer to patrol shopping areas to keep crime down and to keep shoppers safe. And Capps says it's working. "People are hearing what we're doing, know what we're out here doing so it keeps the crime rate down. We have a few here and there, mainly shoplifters, but it really keeps calls down when we have people out here patrolling the parking lots and the businesses."

While officers are there to keep you safe, they say there are some things you can do do help as well. They advise you park in well-lit areas, shop in groups, keep your packages in your trunk, and always lock your car doors.