Jacksonville Police: "We Want To Make Sure It Doesn't Happen Again"

Jacksonville Police say they want to make sure an incident like the one Wednesday where a handcuffed teenager is charged with stealing the police car he was in and crashing it into a house never happens again.

17-year-old Thomas Gibson faces more than a dozen charges, including attempted murder.

Deputy chief Patrick Traitor says, "This is very concerning to us and so we're taking a look at this from inside and out and we'll be taking the proper steps to ensure that this does not ever occur again."

WITN'S Alize Proisy asked deputy chief Traitor how something like this happened. Traitor said, "Well that is what we are looking into. This is not what we want to happen and this is not what should happen so we're taking a look at all of it from the beginning when he was placed in the car, how he was placed in the car, the whole nine yards."

Grandmother Sandra Wilson happened to be walking in front of the stairwell as the police cruiser came crashing in. Traitor says, "First and foremost our biggest concern is for her, because she was just in her home, minding her own business and this traumatic even happened so our hearts definitely go out to the family, hoping she recovers and we're staying in touch."

The officer who was hurt was treated an released from the hospital. The department will investigate to see if they need to take any disciplinary action.