Jacksonville Mom Finds Motivation From Husband's Tragic Death

The "Biggest Loser" on NBC this season has been all about second chances. That's something a Jacksonville woman knows all too well after the death of her Navy Corpsman husband in Afghanistan.

Andrea Enos said she said she knew she had to change her life and be healthier for her children.

August 17th, 2012 is a day Andrea will never forget. That's the day her 36-year-old husband, Petty Officer 1st Class Darrel Enos from Camp Lejeune was shot and killed in Afghanistan where he served as a hospital Corpsman.

Andrea says his death is what led her to start a healthier lifestyle that he always encouraged her to pursue

She says just days after learning of her husband's death, she had an epiphany. "It was like this has happened and I have little people that need me and if I'm not going to do it for me I need to do it for them."

After having two children in her 30's, she couldn't drop the weight. At 5' 2" she reached 164 pounds. Her girlfriend invited her to the gym and after eating better, exercising three to five times a week, and getting support from friends and trainers, she dropped 39 pounds in six-months and now weighs-in at 125 pounds. Plus, she no longer has to take diabetic medication.

Andrea says, "I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my entire life."

As she prepares to celebrate her 45th birthday this month, Andrea thinks about what her late husband would say. She says, "I definitely think he would congratulate me. Sometimes I wonder if he would say this is what I wanted for you all along, for you to be happy and healthy."