JOBS REPORT: Unemployment Declines in 97 NC Counties

The biggest drop in unemployment for Eastern North Carolina is in one of the most densely populated counties.

Overall, state numbers for unemployment show a slow but steady recovery in the North Carolina economy. The most recent jobs report released by the Department of Commerce shows 97 of the 100 counties in North Carolina reflect a decline in unemployment. Looking back at yearly numbers, 2012 proves to be continuing the uphill fight with unemployment down in every county this year compared to 2011.

Notably for Eastern Carolina, Pitt County had a 1.1% decline in unemployment within the last month, putting 9.3% of the workforce out of jobs. Other significant changes in eastern counties include a 0.8% drop in unemployment in Craven, Lenoir, and Onslow counties.

Beaufort County came in with a 0.6% drop, Carteret with a 0.5% drop, putting that Carteret at 7.7% unemployed.

Dare County's unemployment numbers remain unchanged this month, while Currituck County was the only county statewide to go up in unemployment by 0.4% this month.

The highest unemployment rate in the State is in Scotland County with a rate of 16.1% unemployed.